Prague in December

Prague in December

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Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartI know,它不是同一个旧的”Christmas"照片。当我在2016年12月在河边捕到布拉格时,12月的布拉格常常阳光明媚。11月到3月的降水量大致相同,只有当降水量降为雨或雪时,才取决于气温。布拉格总是有过白色圣诞节的机会,但主要的天气因素是风寒。Average temperature will be 4 degrees c but windchill can easily make it feel like minus 5 so it is the time for a proper winter jacket or Ski jacket,厚底靴子和热袜子将帮助你从地面上停止冻结。如果湿滑的鹅卵石不平整的话,冻住它们可能是个问题,所以要小步走,避免掉下来。如果你觉得冷,那么认真考虑热紧身裤。


You'll appreciate the heavy but warming Czech food options at lunch and if you want to try the classic stuff then take a look at my捷克六大精选食品.The difference with Prague in December is the圣诞节市场.Check thePrague Markets and Hot Street Food张贴期望和提示。Take a look at the按重量支付post to understand how that works here.There's my六杯热酒精饮料post to keep you warm and there's also my为什么我们不吃斑马邮政。


December 24th-25th State Holiday for Christmas.NOTE: the main holiday is the 24th.

Things to Do

本节介绍了布拉格需要做的事情,以及下面的内容,也可以看看Culturepage for specifically booking tickets for Theatre and Concerts.也检查我的跳过这条线这篇文章将解释你的期望,并为你节省一些时间和金钱。

Living Prague Tours

Living Prague Tours

betway吧Livingpraguetours is my own offer of City Walking tours.我是英国人,我在这里已经住了23年了,所以你可以期待以英语母语提供的丰富的当地和历史信息,我将行程限制在6人一组。Private tours available.Old Town,Jewish Quarter,小城镇,布拉格城堡WW2 and beer tasting.上百位优秀客户的评论。




ActiveCzech offers a widespread selection of local things to do and as the name suggests it focuses on more of the"冒险activities like flying,skydiving (real and simulated),气球化,驱动,射击,sports,shooting etc.它提供美食选择,美食/饮料之旅,beer spa and more relaxing stuff like spa and massage etc.一般来说,为年轻人和老年人做这件事很有趣,solo travellers to groups and families.

Check the offer at ActiveCzech.



getyourguide提供了广泛的本地选择,主要基于旅游,因此它涵盖了定期步行旅游,食物旅游,河流巡航,有组织的民间传说/中世纪晚餐,blacklight,pub crawls,segway,埃斯科特斯bike and e-Bikes.也包括半天,在城外日夜旅行。包括巡演细节/运营商和客户审查。


Specifically for things to do on December 31st I'm updating theNew Year post.


圣诞节市场现在都开放了,所以你可以在圣诞节市场page or more practically take a look at the8 Things to Knowwhich will give you an idea of what to expect with respect to the food and drink.

From the first day of the market there's a Christmas Tree sound and light show on the Old Town Square at 4-30pm,下午5点30分,6:30PM7:30PM,8-30pm and 9-30pm.Check the视频for what to expect.

On December 24th between 11am and 1pm on the Old Town Square there'll be 2000 portions of fish soup given out fist-come-first-served (tradition not to eat meat at lunchtime on the 24th).

On December 24th at 9pm on the Old Town Square stage will be a Christmas Mass and classical music.


The ice rink behind the Estates Theatre opens on December 5th and closes on New Years Eve.400 square metres rink free to use if you have skates or you can hire at the venue.

12月4日我们庆祝圣芭芭拉。传统的做法是从樱桃树上割下几根小树枝,送给你的真爱,真爱会把它们放在水里,放在里面。如果他们在12月24日之前开花,那么他们真的是你的真爱。如果他们开花晚了,那也没关系。If they don't flower then try again next year!!!!

12月5日我们有一个叫做“的节日Mikuláš".In the evening you'll find men dressed as a bishop accompanied by an angel and a devil handing out sweets and pieces of coal.Read more about this on the米库拉页.

From December 7th to 10th there is an International choir and advent musical festival again held mostly on the Old Town Square.www.praguechristmas.cz.

在12月8日的晚上,人们通常向John Lennon Wall纪念他逝世的周年纪念日。

If it's a little chilly and you'd like to experience some Prague history in some warmth then the Prague City Museum may be an option.This is NOT the National Museum.Take a look at theLangweils Model为他们的一个展品邮寄,the museum webpage and directions.

Imagine that you go blind.The guys at the New Town Hall have an exhibition which scarily puts you in that position.www.neviditelna.cz/en/

如果你想看看市场,那就去看看圣诞市场徒步旅行.Its a 2.5 hour tour including the New Town,Old Town,Jewish Quarter,the 3 central Christmas markets plus food and drink.

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