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I've been seeing"布拉格跳过这条线”ads over the last few years and it's obviously touting faster entry to places so lets get an understanding of what you should expect from an offer like that.There can be more than a 100% mark-up for that service so just check if you think it's worth the extra money compared with alternatives that you can easily do for yourself.Here are a few REAL ways of actually reducing or even eliminating your attraction ticket/entry waiting time and saving you some money.


任何提供服务的人Skip the Line"在城堡已经预先购买了门票(与旅游优惠和通常更便宜的线路B门票结合),它将为您指定的旅游日期。It's valid for 2 calendar days but you still need to queue to get into the Castle.There are three main entries to the Castle complex,1)主前入口,2) the rear Powder Bridge entry and 3) the rear Old Castle Steps entry.条目1和条目2将拥有最大的队列,同时也拥有最多的安全人员。Entry 3 has less of a queue but fewer security staff so you may end up waiting longer.在高峰时段,等待时间最长可达30分钟。并不是每个人都意识到在夏季高峰季节(4月到10月)有第四个入口。如果您乘有轨电车22或23向上述2号入口行驶,则在“下一站”之前下车。克拉洛夫斯基·莱托赫拉德克”and cross the road.从这里你通过安全入口,穿过皇家花园,在粉末桥安全之后进入城堡。

一旦进入城堡,你就可以避免排队buy entry tickets by using the ticket office in the third courtyard而不是在第二个庭院的主入口。

To avoid queues to the Castle historic buildingsconsider doing a guided tour with a Licenced Castle Guide(可提前预订,见Prague Castle Tourspost for 必威贴吧contact info) which can be as short as 60 minutes but you skip any queue for both ST Vitus Cathedral and the Old Royal Palace.


There's no queue to go into the Old Town Hall but if you want to go up to the Tower Viewing Gallery (or historic parts of the town hall) you'll need to buy a ticket.这通常需要你去老市政厅的一楼或三楼售票处。People that offer"布拉格跳过这条线”这里基本上是提前买票。你可以自己做。When you get here just go to buy your tickets online.这是布拉格市的官方旅游门户,不是私人提供商。The tickets are valid for a month.Just note that this gets you past the ticket queue but you still may have to queue to get up to the Tower Gallery.您还可以从常规的czk250到czk210享受折扣。


This offers a discounted way of seeing the Old Town Hall,哥特式教堂地下区域,包括两次参观塔楼画廊,让您日夜都能看到风景。It also includes the New Town Tower gallery and the Baroque Chapel.阅读更多关于市政厅通道邮政。

Jewish Museum

The"布拉格跳过这条线”优惠是购买一张预定日期的车票(车票有效期为7天),在布拉格或作为有组织旅行的一部分在指定日期交付给您。There are various locations for the Jewish Museum in Prague and the location with the排在最前面的是品卡会堂because it's also the entry to the Old Jewish Cemetery so people are queuing to BUY tickets.那么,如何击败这一队列呢?去麦赛洛瓦10号的麦赛尔会堂,那里只有250米远,在那里买票。当你去品卡会堂的时候,你会经过任何排队的地方,show your ticket to the first security guard,停留在Pinkas售票处分道器的左边,然后穿过旋转栅门。


Also in Maiselova (Maiselova 15) you'll find you can buy the Jewish Museum ticket (that's the one that includes the Old/New Synagogue) but this time with the audioguide.很明显它更贵(比czk200贵),但又没有排队。详情请访问。


Tours run from 9-30am to 5-30pm (can be up to 6pm in peak season) and it's a 50 minute tour.You can skip the line here by reserving tickets online.Just go to在那一页上”“添加到购物车”on the date/time that you want.在下一页中,您选择地点数量,然后支付。You'll get a booking reservation number which you present to the ticket office before your tour.

Prague Zoo

布拉格动物园总是排着队,特别是在早上,但是你可以用电子机票跳过这一步。去动物园的电子商店并购买所需的门票。您将在电子邮件中收到这些二维码。When you get to the zoo you'll go straight to the turnstiles and use the associated QR code reader to get in.门票自购买之日起6个月内有效。

Prague Main Train Station

Not a Prague Attraction but if you've arrived at the station and you need a transport pass then you could be looking at a fairly lengthy queue at the DPP booths.If you want to pay by card then you'll have to queue butif you've got cash then head over to the North (Severni) side of the station and you'll find"旅游点"卖通行证换现金。

Things to Note

1)一般来说,"Skip the Line"优惠意味着不排队买票,不是为了进入景点。


3) Prague Card users do NOT get any priority entry.


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