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Here I cover specific venues and performances.如果您想快速了解古典表演的内容,请检查经典事件日程表.

Special Dinner Event – Mozart Dinner at the Boccaccio Ballroom

Prague Boccaccio Ballroom

布拉格文化场馆,Prague Boccaccio Ballroom

This is a 2 and a half hour Prague culture event.Three reasons for coming here are 1) to spend an evening in one of Prague's finest ballrooms,2) to be entertained by musicians and performers bringing you the most popular works of Mozart and 3) to enjoy a selection of menu courses between the performances.Check availability for the Boccaccio Ballroom Mozart Dinner




You think guided tour – too expensive!or you don't want to be in a big group or struggle understanding the guide.没问题,因为for less than the price of a T-Shirt you can do a tour with me in Native English and it's limited to 6 people.Entertaining,highly rated tours,2.5 hours,great value and a great experience.If you are used to taking guided tours or even if you want to try it for the first time,你会喜欢的,离开城市后你会记得很久的。Tips on eating and drinking,saving money,avoiding queues and lesser known places to visit.全部包括在内。
Take a look at the旧城犹太区的秘密or thePrague City Walking Tour.

Municipal House – The Smetana Hall

斯密塔纳大厅,part of the Municipal House and largest interior classical concert venue in the city which seats more than 1000 people.The building was finished in 1911 and was the location of the Czechoslovak declaration of Independence in 1918.It's a beautiful place with neo-renaissance influence and Art Nouveau decor.Smetana Hall is the home of the Prague Symphony Orchestra and as a Prague culture venue,绝对不能让任何热爱古典音乐的人错过。你可以在共和国广场上找到市政大厦。Check Smetana Hall program,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票

The Mirror Chapel

镜子小礼拜堂是老城区克莱门蒂诺建筑群的一部分。这是一个相当小的场地,在旺季卖得很快。以维瓦尔第四季独奏会和莫扎特之作”etc but it also hosts the occasional choir.A beautiful venue,acoustically very good and places for around 75 people so an intimate Prague culture venue as well.如果你有时间在下午晚些时候或者傍晚早些时候,那就值得停一下。Check the Mirror Chapel program,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票

St Nicholas Church Mala Strana

St Nicholas specialises in chamber music and makes frequent use of it's organ in several different productions.Actually you'll struggle to find a date where the organ is NOT playing.Sometimes accompanied by oboe,小提琴,trumpet or a solo soprano or in fact any combination.Performances usually start at 6pm.
Check the St Nicholas Church program,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票


圣马丁专门研究室内乐,但它比上面的圣尼古拉斯更不宏伟。The church is now quite hidden away on the border of the Old and New Towns but it's well established as a venue for chamber music and uses it's organ in most productions.It has the staple offer including Mozart and Vivaldi but here as at the Smetana Hall they introduce the listener to Czech classics as well.Prague culture performances here are usually 70 minutes with no intermission and start around 5pm or 6pm.查看“墙上的圣马丁”计划,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票

Spanish Synagogue

Prague culture at the Spanish Synagogue (part of the Jewish Museum) is very often a solo performer supported by the"Czech Collegium"这是弦乐五重奏。Unless there is a particularly strong artist (Best of Gershwin etc),通常情况下,你会从作曲家中挑选出一种踢脚的流行音乐。我去过这里的钢琴独奏会,一般来说,你会在晚上7点左右开始看一个多小时的演出。只有一个钢琴家和一个独奏小提琴家在舞台上的神秘感。查看西班牙犹太教堂计划,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票

Lobkowicz Palace (Prague Castle)

The Lobkowicz (Lobkovice) Palace gives you a rare opportunity to experience Prague culture on a visit to a fairly restricted area of Prague Castle.Seating for about 60 people in a classically decorated drawing room,拼花地板,壁画天花板,画像和一堆灰泥。音乐通常是基于highlights"古典音乐作品,仅限于钢琴/中提琴/长笛演奏。非常适合精致的钢琴和长笛,这个房间相当小,当然不是大型风力仪器的场地。不过,it's a memorable location.查看Lobkowicz宫殿计划,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票

Rudolfinum – Dvorak Hall

The Dvorak Hall in the Rudolfinum is second in size only to the Smetana Hall.The Rudolfinum is also well known for it's art exhibitions but in this case we are here for the Dvorak Hall which is the single biggest space in the building and seats more than 1000 people.布拉格文化很可能包括捷克爱乐乐团的表演。With it's massive open fronted area and bordered by side balconies with high columns it is an unforgettable venue.Primarily suited to large orchestras from Czech and international guests etc it also can be filled up by Chamber Music recitals and big names.Check the Dvorak Hall program,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票


The St George Basilica looks like a big venue but inside it seats less than 200.Its better known for supporting smaller orchestras and has found Prague culture popularity with it's Chamber Music recitals.我通常建议人们在没有暖气的情况下,把这个地方改成夏季活动场所或在冬天穿暖和的衣服。The tall vaulted ceilings and stone walls make for good acoustics when an orchestra is playing.Where you see"Prague Royal Orchestra"这是一个由来自其他顶级管弦乐队(包括捷克爱乐乐团)的音乐家组成的旋转乐队,the National Theatre and the State Opera.Check the St George Basilica program,获取表演艺术家的详细信息并购买门票

National Theatre

布拉格国家剧院的奠基于5月16日1868。The building was finished,after 13 years of hard work,in 1881 and then was destroyed accidentally by fire.The Theatre was rebuilt and opened again on November 18th 1883 with the premiere of Bedrich Smetana's opera Libuse.The National Theatre offers a broad repertoire of opera,捷克和世界戏剧史著名作家的芭蕾舞和戏剧表演。您可以在我的National Theatre第页。


地产剧院(也称为斯塔沃夫斯克)建于1781年。In 1787 the premiere of Mozart's Don Giovanni took place here and for Prague culture this is still the most common performance.This is the only surviving theatre where Mozart conducted his own work.Nowadays the theatre is one of the most beautiful Classicist buildings and offers,besides other plays,modern representations of present as well as classical authors.如果你愿意看日场,这家剧院以最便宜的价格提供演出。You  can read more about the venue and event program on the伊斯特剧院第页。


The State Opera was built in Renaissance style in 1886-87 as a copy of the Vienna Opera House.It was a German theatre showing German operas and operettas on stage.It was seriously damaged during the bombing of Prague in 1945.1950年重建。这就是以歌剧和芭蕾舞为主的布拉格文化。You read more about the venue and event program on my国家歌剧院第页。


The Prague Laterna Magika theatre (also called the New Stage) was created through successful combination of theatre genres with audiovisual techniques including blacklight.The first performance took place at the Brussels World Fair in 1958.Located next to the National Theatre.您可以在我的拉特娜玛吉卡剧院第页。

Ta Fantastika

Ta Fantastika Black Light Theatre was established in 1989 thanks to a chance meeting between Petr Kratochvil,who had just returned home after ten years in the USA,and Pavel Marek,whose Pan Optikum black light theatre company had been active in Prague since 1983.The new Prague theatre was immediately successful in the former Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic.In 1993 it obtained a permanent building in Prague,in the Unitaria Palace in Karlova Street.Check the Ta Fantastika program details and buy tickets

A few questions answered:
Q1.Why is it that I search for State Opera and it keeps giving me options for National Theatre??
A1.State Opera,地产和Laterna Magika均由Narodni Divadlo(国家剧院)国有公司赞助。
Q2.Can I get tickets posted to me before I come??
A2.Some ticket providers do offer postage within CZ but not outside.Companies likeVia Musicaallow you to print your own ticket at home or collect from their office when you get here.
Q3.What's the dress code??
A3.一般来说,所有主要的歌剧院和芭蕾舞院都需要穿漂亮的服装。No Jeans,no loud t-shirts and no trainers.在10月/11月的首映式上,甚至连黑色领带也不会显得不合时宜。男士必须穿西装打领带才能进入。Women seem to be able to wear what they want.
Q4.Are operas and ballets in English??
A4。Ballets are dance based,not language based.歌剧是用原语表演的,所以一般都是意大利语,French and German but most productions (all listed on my theatre pages) have a screen with English subtitles.
A5.The booking agent will generally have a seating plan with defined areas like"stalls","阳台”,"盒子“etc.You select an area but usually cannot select a specific seat number as seats are assigned as booked.If you are travelling with a group,直接给订票代理发邮件,他们会和剧院安排一个整体订票。
A6.The next 11 days of events at the big four venues are all covered at www.narodni-divadlo.cz/en.滚动到页面底部并单击“Next Months"标签。或者简单地检查一下接下来4个月的歌剧to see what is on where (and buy tickets).
Q7.Is the National Theatre and Laterna Magika the same place??

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